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Defence Battery Chargers
We build our defence battery chargers to be the toughest in the world. Easily handling the toughest terrains on the planet.
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Our Products
Defence battery Chargers and Power Supply Units (PSU)
85W charger for the dismounted soldier
The ML50 is a rugged, light-weight MIL-standard 85W battery charger for the dismounted soldier.
Up to 400W of pure charging power
LV334 is the all in one power station unit. Need more power? We have you covered with the 400W LV338.
Security battery Chargers
A universal Li-Ion charger
The CL271 is a Li-Ion universal charger for a radio, flashlight or other Li-Ion device. 2 devices.
Multi-chemistry, multiple device
The CL271-SE414 is a multi-chemistry universal battery charger, capable of charging up to 4 devices.
CL41 12-Bay
The CL41 is the perfect solution for those needing to charge as many as 12 batteries at the same time.
Universal chargers
Interchange adapters between all 4 chargers. Our battery chargers are designed to work seamless between our primary charging units. Configure the charger you want with the job that needs to get done.

We’ve been designing and building the best battery charger for over 25 years.

Rugged cold-weather battery chargers used in extreame environments.

Custom build your adapter to fit any battery you need for our universal chargers.

Get to know what makes NATEK work. Where we came from, and where we want to go. This is about us.

The ML50 battery charger is designed for demanding military use. To be carried by the dismounted soldier.

The MN101 AC/DC power supply unit is designed for demanding military use, in any environment.

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