Rugged Universal battery chargers

We build our battery chargers and power supply units to be the toughest in the world. Easily handling the toughest terrains on the planet.
Battery Chargers and Power Supply Units (PSU)
Creating clever solutions for our customers is what we do best. We already have a wide assortment of AC/DC and DC/DC for almost every demand. If one of our products doesn't quite fit, our engineers are able to work closely with you to come to a perfect solution.
High power
400W of pure power transforming
MN201 offers adjustable power outputs giving 400W of continuous power with 90% efficiency rate.
150W of portable converting power
The MN101 model is a high-power, lightweight portable AC/DC PSU
The ML50 is a rugged, light-weight MIL-standard battery charger for un-mounted solider.
The CL271 is a Li-Ion universal charger for a radio, flashlight or other Li-Ion device. 2 devices.
CL271 - SE414
A multi-chemistry universal battery charger. Add the SE414 to charge up to 4 devices.
CL41 12-Bay
The CL41 is the perfect solution for those needing to charge as many as 12 batteries at the same time.

We design, engineer and produce the world's toughest universal battery chargers and power supply units and we've been doing it for 25 years!

The ML-334 universal battery charger
Catering to your exact needs, our engineers work closely with you to come up with the perfect device you will need in your working environment. Using our expertise, we can guide you in the right direction in the shortest amount of time. We have a long history working with many complex situations that can be adapted and repurposed to your needs. We believe tight coordination and communication between both parties results in the best outcome. We will create the adapter for your batteries as needed.
Certified with ISO 90001-2015 and ISO 140001-2015
You can trust us
As we operate under the strict guidelines of ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 14001 2015, we are established in a clear and organised working environment.
As with any organisation we are only as good as our clients trust. We are dedicated to always improving and welcome feedback on how we can improve. Please feel free to contact us to help us be even better.
Our core product, the ML334 with MIL-grade certification is recognized around the world.
There could be times you don't need the rugged version of our battery chargers. In these cases you might want to use our CL version, ideal for indoors. It works just as your ML chargers. In fact, if the battery chemistry matches, the adapters will fit perfectly on both models. This gives you the convenience and familiarity you already know and expect and makes the units fully interchangeable.
Choose what best fits your needs
Depending on your needs, you can choose our rugged or indoors model. We then build the adapter to fit your batteries.
The ML334 is a rugged 4-channel mobile charger designed, tested, approved and used in demanding environments.
The CL334 is a indoor 4-channel charger designed for indoor industrial use.
Custom Adapters
Add a customized adapter for the batteries you want charged.
Illustration of CL334 and ML334 together with adapter
ML334 MIL-STD universal battery charger
The ML334 is a rugged 4-channel mobile charger designed, tested, approved and used for over 25 years in Scandinavia. We designed it to withstand the harshest weather conditions, from the extreme colds of Scandinavia to the scorching desserts of Africa. Our charger can be used anywhere in the world where you need a reliable power supply.
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add A custom-engineered adapter to fit your batteries. Learn more.
CL334 Indoor universal battery charger
The CL334 is a versatile 4-channel charger that will fit all your charging needs. We designed the charger to be super easy to use. No buttons are necessary, Just plug it in and watch it work. Each battery is then intelligently enabled to get the highest performance, ensuring optimal charges over its lifespan.
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add custom-engineered adapters to fit your batteries. Learn more.