We custom build each battery adapter to specifically configure to your needs. Within the adapter we build sophisticated software to control battery chemistry, charging voltage, current, timer and more. Simply place the battery in the adapter slot and let the charger do its magic.
We adapt to your needs
There are some situations when "off the shelf" doesn't always fit your needs. In some instances you may find you want to charge a BB-2590 and a AN/PRC-152 at the same operation. This is where we can help. We can create a wide variety of solutions fitting your exact needs. Our engineers work with you closely to come up with the best options, whatever that may be.
Examples of our adapters
Here are a few examples of some adapters we have created for our clients.
Our adapters are built tough.
We are great at sourcing the best components and competitive prices to pass along to our customers.
We custom build our adapters at our company in Sweden in order to maintain quality and the high standards our customers demand.
We supply you with the accessories you need for your battery chargers.

We can supply extra long cabling if needed. Get in contact to see how we can help you find the best solutions.